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Re: Leaves of all pots drying and falling off

I suggest you talk to the old gardener and ask for his help. Gardeners are usually more than happy to share their knowledge with people who appreciate it. He can probably tell you the best solution for your planting mix and he will know where to source the ingredients. He can probably also check to see if the problem is with watering or drainage issues. It may even be because of the location and the plants are burning from too much sun.

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An update from my side. All my plants have recovered well. No leaves drying, no brown borders nothing any more. Here is what all I did:

1. "Ploughed" and aired the soil in the pots
2. Added compost (vermicompost and cow manure) to the pot soil
3. Made four holes on each pot on the sides

I've been watering the plants once every 3 days for now (since its winters and there is no direct sun on the pots) and it has been going very well.

Thanks a million to everybody for their inputs. Now my miniature garden looks really pretty and smells beautiful with the blossoms! :)


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