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PLEASE HELP! Tomato disease identification/treatment

I noticed these spots recently and was wondering if anyone can help me identify and treat the problem. These are an heirloom variety of tomato plant. I live in Oregon and these are in a raised bed.Thanks much!

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Re: PLEASE HELP! Tomato disease identification/treatment

It looks like some type of fungus to me but I could be wrong.

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Re: PLEASE HELP! Tomato disease identification/treatment

This has the appearance of early leaf blight, but it could be one of several diseases including leaf spot. If it is early blight application of a copper fungicide will slow the spread of the disease.

Viral diseases are usually spread either from seed with the disease present (always purchase seed from a reliable seller) or from thrips that are carriers. Not much else can be done at this point if it is a viral infection.

Fungal disease can be reduced by eliminating spread of the fungus by sanitation practices, cleaning up debris, leaves etc. and by a mulching program to keep soil from splashing up on the plant. Water the soil not the plant (no overhead watering). Sometimes all the right things are done and you will still get blights or wilts or spots or rots. In my opinion, a mulching program and good garden sanitation will be most beneficial. Good luck.

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Re: PLEASE HELP! Tomato disease identification/treatment

Take off the infected leaves and bag and destroy them to slow the spread of the spores. It looks more like a bacterial speck.
Copper sulfate to control. It is best to remove lower leaves from tomatoes since splashing makes them prone to fungal disease as is wet humid conditions. Fungal sprays should be started when conditions are ripe for fungal growth as it is easier to prevent than to cure fungal and bacterial problems.

https://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/vege ... ial-speck/

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