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cabbage root fly larvae help!

Fairly sure the little maggots that killed all my kale are cabbage root fly larvae. I keep reading there is no fix for this once they are there. I had the kale in a raised garden bed with several other vegetables -- is there any way to save these? I pulled out all the kale and scooped up a lot of the soil on that side of the bed. I have zuchinni, eggplant, peppers and tomatoes in there.

And, can I still eat some kale leaves that I harvested before they completely got to one plant? I know they were in the roots though.

Also, I bought these plants as transplants -- is it possible they were already infected when I brought them home? I didn't plant until late May.

:/ very sad for all my little veggies.

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Re: cabbage root fly larvae help!

I don't see any reason not to eat the still good leaves. Not sure what you are asking, but it sounds like you are concerned about the squash and the tomato relatives. If it is cabbage root fly larvae, they are generally only interested in that family, hence their name.

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