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What's eating my peppers?

I found some chewed up leaves on my pepper plants. I couldn't see anything on them or under the leaves. I have no idea what it could be. Thoughts?
Thank you all
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Re: What's eating my peppers?

Thinking slugs/snails. Although it's a pain in the a**, go out at night & see if you spot any of the little beggars.

But honestly, your pepper plants look find to me. Don't get postal over them, otherwise the enjoyment of gardening will go right out the window.
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Re: What's eating my peppers?

Agree on both counts- looks like slug/ snail damage (slugs are the ONLY things that bother my pepper plants) and the damage so far looks very minor.

Put slugs into the search box at the top and turn up hundreds of posts here about them and how to deal with them! :)
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