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Tree disease

Hi everyone i am new to this site. I really need your help. We have a 4 acre land and the trees seem to have a disease. I was wondering if any of you know how to cure this disease. I don't know the name of the disease but I will attach a picture so you can see it. Any advise will help a lot. Thank you so much

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Re: Tree desease

Greetings Smokey, Welcome, you didn't mention where you are so the folks have an idea how damp or dry your area is. But you could give us a closer look so the people here can descide if it is: Fungus, mildew or scale insect.

It looks to me like like Letchen. I have trees that have letchen growing on the bark or branches, it doesn't seem to damage the trees but does grow on cancled branches.

Give us a closer picture so we can make a clearer judgement. Thank


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