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Want to make my own row cover

I was hoping to make a cloche for my cabbages. I had a tough time last year. And this year, the caterpillars seem to be winning again. I don't want to spend a lot. I got scrap lumber to use as a base. Any good recommendations on hoop material? Also, is the netted fabric available at most garden centers? Thanks!
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The sheerest drapery liner has been used. I'd probably use spinosad.

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Cloche is generally used to mean a solid glass or plastic that is used in cold weather like a mini greenhouse over one plant. You are just talking about row cover and it is readily available at garden stores or on-line (maybe even big box stores, I don't know). It is easy. You just need some kind of frame that is sturdy enough to stay put in wind and rain. I use the wire frames that political yard signs come on, but you can use anything.

You will need something like earth staples to hold it down at the bottom:

Image ... /10024.jpg

also available at garden stores, big box, on-line etc. Of course you can just use a row of rocks but the earth staples are very convenient.

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