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Broccoli caterpillars from H

We can deal with the cabbage butterfly/ green caterpillars taking up residence on our cabbage/broccoli. Now, what is this caterpillar taking up condo room in the broccoli crowns?! Gets to about 1". striped, blue with brown and yellow stripes.

I had about 3 crowns doing something, and watching to pick. Then realized they were invaded. I picked, put in bowl of cold salted water. Disgusting! I had given a few starts to my son also in town when I had an overload. He said he was watching to pick and Yowzies! Nasty, He chucked them.

Surely others have these. Do tell
Have fun!

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Re: Broccoli caterpillars from H

Cross-striped Cabbageworm :arrow: ... ubID=FS287

Look for patches of waxy yellow smear -- those are their eggs

I used insect screen cover over the broccoli and cauliflower last year. This year, was thinking I really should take a rotation break from brassica/crucifers, but tried to start some broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and kohlrabi anyway -- had miserable seed germination and seedling failure. ...just as well.
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