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Sweet corn disease or pest problem

I just planted my corn seedlings last week here in central florida. After a week of having them in the ground I started noticing holes in the leaves, and it seems to be getting worse. What could it be? I have attached a few pictures.


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That looks like they were eaten. Try googling for things that eat corn, specifically caterpillars/moths. They are probably active when you are not looking or they are still quite small.

I am sure people here will respond with some suggestions. Sorry, I have no idea what would eat corn specifically.

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I think probably slugs. Look at the pictures in this article about slugs and corn plants:

https://extension.entm.purdue.edu/fieldc ... -slugs.php

You will never see them in the day time, but if you go out late at night with a flashlight you will find them.

Treating your corn plants and the ground around them with diatomaceous earth should take care of the problem, if it is slugs.

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Yes, pest, and very likely slugs. Diatomaceous Earth is good medicine for slugs.

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their is some white or grayish bugs in the leaf axils. It may be aphids, another common problem with corn. Insecticidal soap can take care of it now.

I usually don't have a lot of problems with seedlings. What was growing in this space before. Snail and slugs like dark moist places and corn needs a lot of sun.

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I have problems like that with most of my seedlings that I plant in spring. It's not slugs for me, it's too dry here. I don't know what eats my stuff as soon as it sprouts! If I wait an extra month I don't have the same problem, but I don't like to wait too long to plant things of course. I was thinking of trying diatomaceous earth this year. Question: Is diatomaceous earth harmful to earthworms since they are soft bodied? What else might I use?

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diatomaceous earth should not harm earthworms.

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