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Aloe treated with over and out

My Aloe plants became severely infested with fire ants(the amount of ants were mind boggling, it was similar to a horror film) so in a rush, they were treated with over and out ant killer. I have recently discovered recipes that require ingesting aloe, but what do I do about my chemically treated plants now? I would really like to use them in my homemade healthcare products and recipes. This was about 5 months ago and they have since been re-potted and out of reach from future ant raids.
Does this ever leave the plant's system, or are those forever not safe to use? What about the pups that the mother produces?
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Re: Aloe treated with over and out

The active ingredient in over and out is bifenthrin which is a pyrethroid. Below is a publication about it. Read the label precautions about it on the container. It can be used on crops listed on the label and the label is the law.

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