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mealy bugs

Curious as to what seems to work best. I have a couple of shrimp plants that are blooming beautiful but have found mealybugs. I did spray them down with water and then used alcohol but it doesn't seem to be doing the trick. I really don't want to throw out the shrimps. Any help is appreciated.

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I use cotton swabs soaked in rubbing alcohol, touching the mealy bugs individually. This helps to dissolve the waxy coating they have, which repels water and makes insecticides ineffective.
Stubborn ones need a few seconds of extra soaking then a little more pressure to swipe off.

Good luck.

Oh, if you are from England, refer to this thread for terminology translation :wink:

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It helps to make sure the shrimp plant has good air circulation. Besides using the alcohol, I would also use a jet of water and a brush, toothbrush works, to scrape them off gently so as not to damage the bark. It is hardest to get the ones at the base of the plant just at the soil level, so make sure you check there as well.

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