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Please post your recipes for homemade bug spray!

What do you spray on your plants to keep bugs at bay?

I have tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupe, sweet peppers and onion. Thank you in advance!

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One word "shotgun" I grew up in the sun Arctic where there are trillions per sq meter and my body just stopped reacting.

Citrus is typically used as a repellant as the oils help to mask the chemicals we put off that the mosquitoes use to find us.

Sorry I could not be more help I just let them go to town now. But I am crazy :D

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I expect sunshine was talking about what to spray on plants to keep bugs off, not mosquito repellant.

Most often recommended is garlic pepper spray. Blend up garlic, onion, and hot peppers in water with a little soap and a little vegetable oil to help it stick.

This has a recipe: ... pest-spray

Please note that even though it is all ingredients from your kitchen, it can be harmful to beneficial insects as well. Don't spray your whole garden, spray where the problem is, when you see it.

Honestly, these days I don't use anything. With a ton of birds in the yard, because of the bird feeders and all my crop plants growing in mixed plantings with lots of herbs and lots of flowers in my garden that attract beneficial insects, I don't usually have major infestations of insects. Not to say there are none, just that everything stays in balance and I don't feel like I have to do something to keep from losing my crop.

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Canola oil and ivory soap.

One cup of canola cooking oil.
One teaspoon of Ivory dish soap.
Mix until the oil turns milky white.
I keep the mixture in a old spaghetti bottle that I painted black. Really just to prevent light breaking down the canola oil.
Add two teaspoons of the oil and soup mix to three cups of water.
I use a dollar store 32oz spray bottle because I want to get up close and personal.

The soap is really only used as an emulsifier, it is the canola oil the bugs hate.

I have used Neem oil (the commercial triple action Neem Oil) and I have to say I can't see it doing a better job than the canola oil.

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