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Eggs in balcony pot?

I've been growing basil on my balcony. I've mostly been letting the sun and rain take care of it. I went outside today to see liitle white balls around the outside of the pot. I tried to take a pic, but when I went back a scary looking spider with a white stripe on its back was hanging out next to the pot so I didn't want to get close. I'm a bit of a chicken. I included a far away pic though. These are eggs, right? Fertilizer pellets wouldn't gather around the edge of the pot, I assume.

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Re: Eggs in balcony pot?

Well... It's a little to far away and unfocused to see what they are.

Are they perfectly spherical? If bumpy, then they could be perlite from the potting mix. They float, so when there is heavy rain, they tend to all float up and then cling to the edge of the pot while the water drains away. If there is a heavy downpour, all those perlite will just wash away when the water overflows over the rim.

Sometimes, slime mold will form spherical fruiting bodies (like mushrooms) of varying colors including white, but I'm leaning towards perlite.

BTW spiders are a good friend. I prefer one spider to several dozen pest bugs. :twisted:

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