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I had gotten a plant in distress from Lowes a few months ago. Most of the leaves were dead and some stems were gone so I groomed it down to barely nothing. I also notice that it had aphids so I sprayed it down, repotted it in new soil (and tried to leave no old soil left) and it did fine for awhile. Then it got aphids again, I sprayed it down (including the soil) and all was well. Now it has pretty new leaves shooting out and its all healthy, but the aphids are back. This time worse then before. Obviously the spray does not really work well. I read that I can make like a garlic spray and it will kill them off. Does this work? Do you know of anything else (I prefer organic, but I am out to kill so I want strong stuff)? It is kept in my bathroom, close to a window so it can get light but not close enough to get cold. It is not by other plants. Thanks in advance.
Oh, I can't think of what plant it is right now.

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What did you spray the plant with? I like making my own insectical soap for aphids. I mix 2 T of a liquid soap (not detergent) like Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Pure Castille Soap in a quart spray bottle of water. Remember to spray the undersides of the leaves as well.

Aphids can be persistent little things once they get a toehold. If the conditions are right, they can return again and again.

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I will have to look, but its a pestacide of some sort. I do have Dr. Bonner's, so I will have to look into it. Thank you!

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Whatever you use, you'll need to repeat treatment several times -- you want to get the returning survivors, and any new offsprings/future generations. If there was a severe infestation, some of the aphids probably morphed into winged forms, and there were some in the room that you didn't get.

Be aware that if you see any ants, they are moving the aphids around, sometimes bringing them up from their nests, so if you control the ants (I use soapy spray, DE, and ant bait in order of severity) you can control new incursions from that source.

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The plant was probably attacked because it was weak. Bugs in general only go after the weakest plant. I used to try to save plants like that, but unless it is one of a kind, I just cut my losses and give it a decent burial.

You have improved it's health but it is still weaker than most other things. You did not say what kind of plant it is, but check around the neighboring plants to see if they also have aphids. You may have to treat a wider area.

Soaps and oils will kill aphids. If it is in a pot, I cover the base with newspaper to keep the soil from falling out an dip the whole top of the plant in a bucket of soap or horticultural oil solution. It gets better coverage than spraying.

Correct any feeding or pot issues to get it healthy again. I plant onions around the base of my most susceptible plants because it disguises their odor from the aphids.

Put the plant in the hospital area so it won't infect your other plants and try a new location later since the bugs know where it is now.
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You didn't say what plant it is, and how important it is to you.
Next. Aphids multiply exponentially plus. Most babies are girls, and they are born pregnant, and not single births!
Next, and the obvious. If you need the plant and can wash/spray etc go for it. It is is over run, get a trash baggie and dump all into it, and to the trash. I brought in a couple of chive pots last yr this time. One had aphids upon aphids coming out from the dirt and up the stems. After some attempts to control, the whole mess (10" pot) of dirt and chives went by-by.
Have fun!

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