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Yellow Tomato Leaves

I am new here and its seems like a wonderful community, and I hope you can help me with tomato problem:

One of my tomato plants leaves are getting yellow color, here is a picture:


also, on the same plant, the new growth color is brownish, I don't know if you can see it in the picture, but anyway:


This is a cherry tomato (Peace Vine), growing temperatures are good (where I live winter is yet to come), I am having whitefly problems but its under control.

Is this a reason to worry? or should I just wait and see how it turns?

ps, my garden is organic, but move this to tomato forum if needed.

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Welcome to the Forum!!

I can't see your pictures. Instructions for posting pictures here are in New to Helpful Gardener under Helpful Tips and Instructions for New Members.

Not seeing the pictures just from what you said, one possibility is over watering.

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Thank you,
here is the picture:

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Possibly an iron, manganese or magnesium deficiency. They maybe locked up do to off PH.


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tomato disease could be tomato yellow leaf curl virus

It could be tomato yellow leaf curl virus. The disease is spread by whiteflies and there is no cure. There are some tomatoes that are resistant to yellow leaf curl. Champion II is one of the resistant varieties. I have grown it and it looks pretty, but the birds do not bother it.

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