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Corn meal for yard fungus ?

I live in a part of southern California that already has reached the 90s which makes it impossible to water the grass in the afternoon, and due to my schedule I can't water in the morning, so late evening is my only option

Starting last year I ended up with brown spots in my Bermuda which eventually wiped out the entire yard front and back some came back this year and I have been pampering it, a lot the majority has retaken the area but I'm looking for a good preventative of mold or fungus which I have been lead to believe is the issue

And after a lot of research corn meal seems to be the best organic solution but I am curious if any one here has any other suggestions or can say they have used it and it works, I've already spread out about 10 pounds which lightly covered the front and back yard about a week ago

Suggestions please ?

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