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Bugs are eating my basil

[img][/img] [img][/img]

Hello! I am new. I'm Ben. I would love for you pros out there to let me in on some organic secrets. How do I rid my basil of these little guys(insect pictured)?

All the other herbs (Thyme, rosemary, cilantro, dill) are all untouched. Maybe because the basil tastes and smells awesome? Thanks in advance.

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I don,t think it's the little fly that is eating your basil. The holes look more like slug/snail damage or possibly some kind of caterpillar.

For slugs/snails, I would check under the leaves and around the base of the plants after sunset or before sunrise with a good flashlight. You can also try leaving eaten grapefruit 1/2 or orange wedges, or even an wooden board or upturned flowerpot and check underneath in the morning.

Oh! I see these are in a container -- try looking underneath the container and just inside the drainage holes for resident diners. :x

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I would agree, typical slug and/or snail damage.

Type those words into the search box to search the forum for past discussions on the subject. There have been reams written here about various ways to control the critters. You'll find the search the forum function on the black tool bar. :)

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What they said: slug/snail damage.

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