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Blackberry plant leaves yellowing with small holes

I just planted 4 blackberry plants. Two of the plants have yellowing leaves and upon further inspection, it looks as if the leaves are being munched on. Several of the leaves have holes in them.

Please help, it appears to be spreading :( !

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Try spraying the leaves with either insecticidal soap or mix your own imitation. To every gallon of water add 1-2T canola oil and 1t ivory liquid or other liquid soap, not detergent. Put in a sprayer and wet the leaves down top and bottom sides, perferably early in the day. The key is the day needs to be dry so the leaves dry quickly. The holes are some kind of insect infestation. I would spray them all now and again in about 2 weeks to be sure.

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Personally, I'd check at night with a flashlight to see whether you have snails or slugs feasting on the blackberry leaves. If so, a soap spray won't do any good, b/c snails and slugs are not insects; they're gastropods. The most effective control is hand-picking, followed by...ah...feeding to chickens or ducks, if you have them (or friends do), or "recycling" them into the ground. :wink:

Ascertain the culprit before treating; you may be "barking up the wrong tree," if I may mix metaphors?

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