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not insects but ground squirrels

So I bought my seeds bought my tomatoes and was ready to start planting. I planted 14 tomatoes and within a week I had none. The squirrels got to them and them down to the dirt. Any body have any ideas on how to discourage them from entering the garden? the garden is in a fenced in area and they just climb over the fence or go under it. Any plants they don't like that might discourage them? Any ideas welcomed...
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The squirrels don't bother my tomato plants much, though they will take bites out of the tomatoes once they appear, but I have ground hogs. I grow broccoli (which they LOVE) and tomatoes inside a deer netting cage. Put stakes around the edge of the bed, wrap it in deer netting. Stake it down at the bottom and pull it together over the top and hold with twist-ties, so they are inside a complete cage.

It's a minor nuisance, I have to open the cage up for weeding/ tending/ harvesting and then close it up again. But it is the only way I would ever eat any broccoli or tomatoes and it works.
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squirrell & varment help

I hate to say it but have you thought of getting a cat? They keep varments away from your garden for sure. chipmunks, squirrels, anything! Mind did. Im in the same boat now that we don't have a cat anymore. Im worried sick. I think I will try to get an outdoor/indoor cat from craigslist. It works!!!
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Ah, yes! The infamous California ground squirrel. IMO, the best control would be some nice big snakes. Something non-poisonous, of course, like some gopher snakes. They won't bother you at all, but they'll make short work of those rodents! :)

I invite snakes to my yard. At present, I have 3 large garter snakes, each about 3 ft long. One is black with red stripes, and the other 2 are olive green with yellow stripes. They do good work in my yard. I would also welcome any other snakes that chose to take up residence here, except for poisonous ones. :)
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