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Sad whit string fungus ? Rotting perennials

:cry: For 35 years I have been gardening last year I bought 10 yds of mulch from a new dealer also a neighbor was cutting down tears and chipping up , That's the only different things I know what happened now I have a white string mold attacking peonies , day Lillie's, daisies , e t it's on the plant the root in the ground up to feet so many plants to check I am constant ly on my knees and hands. I shouldn't be I have 8 plastic finger joints and 5 pins, shouldn't bend my head had brain surgery, Please I need help before I rip all my work up and plant grass I will submit my last pictures and most people think I should have people come and see my yard . I need fast help been cleaning for two years took 10 yards of mulch out of beds by hands I can't keep checking and shoveling isn't their a solution to my problem , WHITE STRING FUNGUS PROVABLY CALLED SCEROTINIA ! THank you so much ,
Sad in mass most beatuiful flowers after 30 years are dying of white string mold one by one breaking my heart

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