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little black bugs in my soil but not my plants

Hi folks

I recently planted some nasturtiums which are sprouting nicely. Problem is that there are little black bugs crawling and flying around in the soil around them.

These bugs don't seem to be attracted to the plant at all. But there are so many of them and they're becoming a nuisance.

I made a lethal peppery spray to see if that could take care of them, but to no avail. I also used soapy water. Also no good.

I'm worried that they'll work their way to my other potted plants. Any idea what to try other than neem oil? (very hard for me to get neem oil here).

Very grateful for some help!

:cry: Yonnie

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Fungus gnats! Type fungus gnats in to the Search the Forum Keyword Box, there's tons of information here about them.

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