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When should pesticides be used on citrus or mango?

I live in southern California, and it's almost winter here. I have 3 citrus trees, and 1 mango tree. My citrus trees almost always get attacked by spidermites. What time of the year would be the best time to spray my trees for pests? I had planned on using a chili/neem oil mix to spray. Can this be done anytime of the year?

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Spray for spidermites as soon as you see them - the formula you're using won't harm the tree even if it's in production at the time, but it won't work unless you hit the mites.

I'd go systemic every 7 days for a month from the first time you see a mite - that will get any stragglers or hatchlings and should keep the trees mite-free.

Neem oil has the added benefit of being effective against scales as well, which are the bane of any citrus-grower's existence.

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Seconding the neem oil love, I've been using it on citrus and have found it to be a great (and safe) pesticide to keep my plants healthy.

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Neem oil

Third the Neem oil and original recipe. they work.

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