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Bugs Have Ruined Everything

I tried to keep it simple and grew husky red cherry tomatoes, the fruit has these strange white "cloudy" spots and taste terrible. Also beetles ate through most of my sweet basil. I'm not sure if I should eat any of this produce. Considering what I spent on the plants, soil and my time I feel this was a waste of both time and money. I like the idea of home gardening and going organic but after this experience, I think I'm going to stick to wal-mart.

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Sorry to hear that you've had such a rough time trying to get started gardening.

Pictures might help re what is happening in your garden. Instructions for posting photos here are in the New to Helpful Gardener section at the top of the index page, under Helpful Tips and Suggestions for New Members.

Is the cloudy white spots on your tomato this:

It is due to damage from stinkbugs which are a common but difficult garden pest and could possibly be the same thing that is bothering your basil. (Though I rarely have anything bother basil, even while my squash plants are being chewed to death).

If you think it is the stinkbugs, you could start by typing that into the Keyword box that comes up when you click on Search the Forum in the black horizontal menu above. There's been lots written here about them already.

I hope you will not give up on the gardening thing too soon. As you get more experience (think about what you are doing now as accumulating valuable experience :) ), you will be able to plan and prepare for what the various problems might be. Also your garden over time will gradually get in better balance. Start by putting up a lot of bird feeders, baths, houses... If you have a lot of birds in your garden, they will help keep the bugs in control.

One suggestion for something to grow that is super easy, not bothered by pests or diseases and produces all season long is swiss chard.

Best Wishes! Welcome to the Forum.
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