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Are these bees or wasps/hornets?

I discovered a ground nest of bees/wasps/hornets (I have no idea which they are) in my compost bin. Not where a pile actually is, but under a cardboard box I had lying there to kill the grass. I'm not sure what they are...I'd think hornets or something..but they were not aggressive at all, even though I was right over them when I discovered them. I moved back a few feet and they were all swarming around their nest but didn't come after me. They are smaller than bumble bees but I couldn't get close enough to see them well. If they're wasps or hornets I'll kill them, but if they're bees I don't want to kill them. I'm assuming ground bees pollinate? So what do I do with them? And how can I tell what they are? I live in Greenville, SC (zone 7) if that helps.

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Take a couple pictures and post them here!

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