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Armadillo Control

Anyone have any suggestions on how to keep armadillos out of my flower beds, aside from shooting them! :wink:

I'm looking for an organic way of doing so. I found some stuff on line but wasn't sure if anyone has had any success.

If so, please share. Thanks!

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Fencing works pretty well to keep out most critters. The best materials to use, and the style of installation, will depend on the critters you're combating, of course. We don't have 'dillos where I live now, but we did where I grew up. They never seemed to get into our garden, though. :)

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Yup, fencing or deer netting. I also don't have 'dillos, but I do have woodchucks, raccoons, possums, squirrels, lots of birds, etc. Deer netting keeps all of them away from my tomatoes and strawberries. Deer netting is a lot easier to put up and take down than regular fence.

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'Dillos burrow and really well too. Not a trick the deer have learned yet

Yet... :evil:

Sounds to me like my varmint control (a have a heart trap) is the best way to go. Check with the local authorities, but if I can get rid of a woodchuck, you can get rid of a 'dillo...

There are sprays and some folks like castor oil, but I think those are likely hit or miss at best. Forced relocation seems the best bet. Unless you dig a fence in feet into the ground I suspect armadilloes will burrow under it...


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