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Distressed Peas


I've been harvesting my Snow Peas and Sugar Snap Peas for more than a month now, and the plants appear to be in good shape.

We've had a few nights of frost about 2 weeks ago; it disturbed many pods, but new, healthy pods are coming up.

Today I noticed the following issues, and I'd appreciate your help in determining what it is and how to handle it:

These unhealthy looking flowers grow upward, with what look like a deformed branch and leaves. I read that this could be a result of virus ( The pod itself is brown/black; could this be Ascochyta blight?

Leaves and tendrils turn brown and dry.

[img][/img] [img][/img]
Brown spots and holes - I couldn't find any aphids, caterpillars or snails. Could this be the frost? I also suspect there is Downy mildew on those yellow-turning leaves. I found some yellow/red growth on the under surface of the leaf.

Shrivelled branch - reminds me of late blight which attacked my tomatoes about 3 weeks ago. Is this Ascochyta blight or just a branch I broke while plucking peas?

My biggest concern is that I'll have to pull out all these plants, especially as they are close to 18 new plants which I planted a month ago - and I don't want them infected too.

Any ideas?

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