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Cabbage loopers at the store

I stopped at Lowes to get a couple of things, always check garden area. That store does pretty well in keeping things under control. I had worked with that manager of the garden center (at a different business) for awhile and she is very capable.
So walked by the offerings. All the cabbage starts and related category were just chewed up! The larvae must have come in with the supplier, as these were 'ate up'

Perhaps not in right forum, switch if you wish.

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Are the cabbage worms an issue in the fall and winter? I thought they were a late spring, early summer pest... I hope not, I have quite a few brassicas going in the dirt in a few weeks.

I have been seeing lots of other breeds of caterpillars right now...


I'll tell you what, though, and I thought this was extremely weird, not ONE hornworm this year...weird...

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Oh yes we have worms!


I've just had these worms, only a week ago. I don't know if what I had are cabbage worms or greenish worms, but they were definitely green, they were not loopers, and they were having a go at the cauliflower and broccoli.

I treated them with Bonide Captain Jack Deadbug spray (Spinosad - comments anyone?) and they seem to have died away.

But maybe it's the climate - California winter is probably not too drastic for any pest.

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Spinosad has work so far for me before I found it I was using Bt for my caterpillar outbreak. The Bt knocked them down in a hurry but I was wanting something for all plant eaters hence Spinosad.

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