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Yes, they can destroy it! Get them NOW, while they're small.


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Planting cilantro around the garden sounds like a good idea to help get rid of the grasshoppers. That link had a lot of good info.

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The cilantro is a good idea for NEXT year! If you don't want this year's garden ruined, you might want to consider something a bit more proactive.

If they're all clustered up like that, you might be able to just catch them with a net, throw them in a bucket of soapy water or a jar with alcohol.

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I have a hothouse and the grasshoppers are getting fat.
I have used tons of 7 dust and malathion. Yesterday
a friend told me to sprinkle baby powder on everything
and they would not partake of my tasty fresh leaves. I
tried that today. Should know if it works by morning.
If it doesn't work, I still have the nicest smelling hothouse

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