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leaves turning black on tomato plants?? (with pics)

hi all,
I've been having lots of problems with my container veggie garden, and they seem to keep piling up :( my cucumbers had aphids and the squash seemed covered in powdery mildew, so I got some neem oil and went to town. I have used it twice so far, once this past weekend and once the weekend before that. between weekends, I have also been spraying them down with a mixture of baking soda, kitchen soap, and water b/c the powdery mildew seems to be getting worse. well, most recently, I noticed a strange, metallic sheen on the tomatoes that are next to the cucumber and squash, and some of the leaves are turning black. what is happening??? did I overdo it with the neem oil? the other stuff? (I've been spraying down the tomatoes too, just in case) or is this a whole new disease for me to deal with? please help.


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