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New home-how to manage termites? (NE area)

hi folks, im new here, as well as a new "yardowner"-i closed this week on a house with a NICE big yard(.34 acres), and this is the first place ive owned with any yard to speak of. so, my issue:

when i had the home inspection done, the inspector advised me to do the proper termite inspection because there was one side of an exterior porch that showed termite damage(literally one plank about 6 feet long, right at the end;the porch had been painted). it came back positive for termites and carpenter ants, only in this one exterior porch area.

i'd like to be sure that termites arent a problem, but this porch lies RIGHT next to the area that i intend to turn into a vegetable garden. i have had 2 termite services give me estimates for work and say "oh, the chemical (termidor) wont leak into the rest of the soil", but i don't know how much i can trust them. they of course want to sell a product.

does anyone have any advice? how should i proceed? i would LOVE to manage this without chemical treatment. thanks so much for the help!

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We haven't had to have termite treatment for anything at this house...yet. But, in the decade since we treated our former house, there have been a lot of advances made in the termite field.

One of them involves the use of orange oil. Check around and see whether any termite companies in your area use orange oil in their work. If you need references for termite companies, often the real-estate agents who helped you with the house have lists and lists of referrals: contractors, termite companies, etc.

So they may know. You're not only at the mercy of the biggest advertisers. The company who ended up doing our work RIGHT :x was one we'd never heard of and would never have found, except for the real-estate agent. Turned out that they had so much work from referrals they never did any advertising.

Hope this welter of words helps! :D

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