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Gixx, I think I know why finches were on your SChard !

I was looking out the upstairs window, and noticed a beautiful male Goldfinch. He swooped down from a perch and landed on a flowering Lyre-leaf sage, bending it way down, then proceeded to peck and the stalk. I assumed he was eating the seeds. I've never seen them do that before, so I was fascinated. I then noticed the more drab olive-colored female was already on another sage flowerstalk, also busy pecking away. I thought "neat!" since Lyre-leaf sage, a native wildflower, is just starting to flower beautifully, and I had transplanted some of the abundantly self-seeding new plants around the garden.

Then I saw another male Goldfinch. It was on the arch trellis to the old Sunflower House -- typical cautious scouting behavior before doing something. I thought he was going to a different clump of Lyre-leaf sage, but, instead, he hopped down to the Broadbeans -- the same ones that are getting massive attack of black aphids. He landed on the one on which I saw the Aphidiid wasp, which is so raggedy looking at the top that I was thinking of calling it a "necessary casualty." Now, he's picking between the shriveled leaves on top of the Broadbean. Now I KNOW there's nothing there but those (presumably parasitized) black aphids.

... then the light dawned :idea: I bet your finches were also going after aphids on your Swiss Chard!

Goldfinches as well as House Finches, Chickadees, and Titmice will also swarm all over the Golden Honey Locust and Plum trees in spring when they're aphid infested.

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I bet you the ants bribed the finches into removing all the parasitic wasps. There's more going on there than we see and I don't trust those ants.

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It's a possibility Apple but I don't remember seeing aphids on my chard last year. I will keep an eye out this year. But they seemed to be eating the leaves maybe there were bugs on them. Thanks for the heads up.:D They are back this year but I haven't seem them swarm my garden yet the finches that is). I did have a gang of small birds a few weeks ago getting this and that from plants I know they were very much after the flea beetles on my eggplant.

As far as the stupid ant they are tearing up my strawberries. I though it was birds or slugs (heck could be all 3) but I noticed ants in some berries yesterday.

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did you find a solution to the finch issue?

The birds are doing the same thing to my chard since I harvested all the beets which they loved. I didn't mind sharing the beet leafs but my family loves the chard plants and they are all but destroyed.

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Toil wrote:I bet you the ants bribed the finches into removing all the parasitic wasps. There's more going on there than we see and I don't trust those ants.
lmao I bet its true. those crafty ants....

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