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Eating leaves of my jasmine plant

Hi All,

Something is eating my jasmine plant leaves. I have it on a south facing balcony. The leaves have holes and it spreads from one branch to another. :(

I noticed a white sticky secretion on only one of the leaf and thought it could be aphids. I tried seeing under the leaves but I am not able to find anything. When I shake the plant vigorously, I noticed some very small black things falling down, which I am not sure what it is. I sprayed some mint and lemon juice mixed with water today. But still I am not sure what could be wrong.
Any advise or technique to cure my jasmine boy ?

Best Regards,

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I found there were browny small eggs like thing on the ribs and veins of the leaves bottom. I find them on all leaves. Could this be a lecanium scale infestation. The leaves main ribs are often broken and torn which makes me suspicious about these brown things.[img]https://i1014.photobucket.com/albums/af265/ramkumarj2000/DSC00017-Copy.jpg[/img]

Can someone confirm whether my assumption is right and is there any remedy to remove this ?


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They very well could be scale insects. Scale, however, only have sucking mouthparts, so they wouldn't be able to cause any tearing or chewing type of damage to your plants.

Is it possible you have more than one thing attacking your plants?

If you type scale insects into the search function on the tool bar, you will find many threads where they have been discussed. Here is a link to one thread to get you started:

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It's always difficult to give pest insect advice for members in a foreign country, but I'll give it a shot. Note though that my experience is NOT with Jasmine plant.

Broken and torn rib damage reminds me of LEAF HOPPER damage. The one in my garden I'm thinking of looks very much like a brown thorn when it's holding still on the main under rib of a leaf. I also get a giant green one that blends perfectly with the leaf colors. They often chew through the rib, leaving scars along the rib, or the leaf broken and end of the leaf hanging.

The photo and the mass tucked in the forks of the leaf veins reminds me of something that escapes me at the moment. But I know I've seen something similar before....

If the leaves are not too numerous, I would try wiping them individually with soapy water -- making sure it's SOAP and not detergent. Then rinsing thoroughly. Don't do this in sunlight as the soapy water will dry too rapidly.

Scale insects look like waxy bumps that sometimes seem like they're part of the plant. You could use cotton swabs dipped in alcohol to individually pick them off if the infestation is not overwhelming.

Finally, if you saw "small black things" they could very well be caterpillar poop, and broken main rib is consistent with the way some caterpillars feed. Instead of shaking the plant, keep an eye out for a leaf covered in tiny~small black specs, then carefully search the leaves directly above it for the muncher.

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I'll be watching this thread! I just got a Jasmine after searching for some time to find one...

(Jasminum Sambac "Maid of Orleans" or "Sampaguita")
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Hi Kisal and applestar,

Thank you very much for your remedies. I noticed a *single* black insect in one of the group of closely knit leaves. It was surrounded by the black tiny poops. But I couldnt find any caterpillars around.

The main difficulty I am facing is locating/identifying the enemies as this is the first time I am having a plant. So I am not able to make out the differences between the plant features like thorns Vs insects or any other pests.
I will give a wash with a horticultural soap and an alcoholic rub and see how it goes.

Thanks a ton for your solutions.

Keep you posted.


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but, applestar, leafhoppers have piercing/sucking mouthparts, too! they don't chew!

and i doubt that the Curculionoid beetle in the pic's got much to do with the problem.

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