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Brown Mites on leaves and no veggies :(

I am a garden noob and am having issues with plants not producing and I have little brown mites on the leaves of a couple plants (sweet potato and white eggplant) I have lots of tomatoes right next to one another (in containers) and I am watering frequently. I have had great luck with everything I have gotten my hands on so far, but no fruit. Any ideas? :roll:
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Actually, I believe I had the same problem last year with my peppers, these tiny little things ate the leafs and killed my plants. Sorry, I don't have any advice, but hope you luck.

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Red spider mites, perhaps? I would spray with a soap solution. Be careful to read the label on the "soap" you use to make your solution. Be sure you don't accidentally use a detergent.

I think about a teaspoonful of pure soap in a quart of water would be about right. You'll need to repeat the spraying every 7 to 10 days, to kill any new mites that hatch out. About 4 treatments should do the trick.

One caveat, though: Mites suck the juices out of plants. They don't have chewing mouthparts. So, if something is actually chewing/eating your plants, then you probably have some other critter, in addition to the mites.
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