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Green Bean Plants with holes

I noticed that my green bean plants have small holes in the leaves. Its strange because I have pea plants a row over and thay do not. I have looked this problem up and found Bean Leaf Beetle and it recommends SEVIN. I am not a big fan of putting pesticides on plants because that is the big reason I planted the garden to start with..lol. Does any one know of an organic version of this? Also how to make it? Thanks

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holes in my green bean leaves

I had the same problem, I used Castile soap. Its a liquid soap that you mix with water and spray on the plants. I use it on everything in my garden. The only thing it would not get rid of last year was stink bugs on my squash. Its very inexpensive and you can find it at most garden stores or online. Good luck

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Probably Mexican bean bettles. I'm getting some holes in mine too. For now will just use the pick and smash method. Often smash them right on the leaves as to give a message to its friends. The bean beetles like to drop when you try to catch them. I place one hand under the leaf and pick the beetle with the other hand. The pest usually drops right into my catch hand and meets his/her end. If you don't care to smash the critters, hold a small container of alcohol under the leaf and then they will fall or you can just drop the bug into the alcohol. Virgorously growing plants will usually do o.k. in spite of a moderate bean beetle attack, so for a modest home garden, hand picking works just fine.
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I really like hot pepper spray for my bugs. I smash up a bunch of hot peppers and steep in hot water, strain and spray on the plants. It really works!

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