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Organic Red Ant Control - Fire Ants Pesticide-Free Method

This month's issue of Organic Gardening magazine has something about controlling Fire Ants. It sounds like it's not as convenient as blasting them with chemicals but the results won't leave your backyard an EPA environment cleanup area. :lol:
Cinnamon oil is also effective. At home, try pouing several gallons of boiling water on a mound or use products containing D-limone or spinosad, a bacterium derivative that disrupsts the ants' nervous system.

I've used a spray containing d-Limonene ([url=]Orange Guard[/url]) that's made from orange peel extract and it's very effective against ants. I used them against Argentine, not fire ants but the effect is said to be the same. In fact, [url=]Orange Guard has a Fire Ant version[/url]. Basically it dissolves the wax coating in their respiratory tract causing them to suffocate. I bought it at the local Ace Hardware Garden Center and used it all around my area and in the house. Haven't seen ants in the house for the past two years. has these recommendations:
Hot water
Pouring hot water on the mounds is effective and environmentally friendly, but may require 3 or 4 applications to kill the colony. Water should be at least scalding hot, but does not need to be boiling. This works best when you use 3 to 4 gallons of water in each application. WARNING: Hot water kills grass and shrubbery and may cause severe burns if spilled.
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I don't think spinosad WOULD be effective as it needs to be ingested, but the rest seems like sound advice and hey, hot water has exactly what I look for; high toxicity and low residual...


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