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Large cactus - help please

Hi All,

I am new to this forum and also a new cactus owner. I recently received this huge cactus, about 3ft tall but I have never had one before and so I need a little help:

- Does anyone know what type of cactus it is?
- It makes this incredible sloshing sound when I move the planter as it if were full of water, the sound comes from the branches, not the actual planter.
- It is really quite large and is currently tied up to stop it from spreading everywhere but what is the right way to do this? Should I use bamboo sticks for this or some other method?
- There is a bit of damage or dried up bits at the base. Do I need to do anything to those?
- There are also these lumpy crusts on some of the branches. What are these?

I get a sense that it needs a bigger pot too as the sides of this pot are all bumpy from where I am guessing the roots are pushing against.

Essentially, I just want to have a happy plant and to look after it well.

Thank you in advance!


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