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Mysterious Sprout in Aloe Pot


I recently bought a little aloe plant from the Indy Flower and Patio show and I have replanted it into a bigger pot to help it grow. I've had aloe in the past but I've never seen this kind of sprout grow from one. It's been an inside plant it's whole life from what I asked the vendor. I have a very large spider plant near by, maybe like 5 feet away but it doesn't look like one of it's sprouts. :?

Is this from another plant that was near by at the patio show? Or is it a part of the aloe? The aloe is healthy and the leaves feel and look ok so whatever it is hasn't hurt the roots or rest of plant yet but I'm a little nervous. I tried to take as good of pictures that I could, it's very small :lol:

Thank You!! :-()

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Re: Mysterious Sprout in Aloe Pot

not a part of the aloe. Most likely a weed seed that sprouted. I'm sure there were various weed seeds floating around the garden show.

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Re: Mysterious Sprout in Aloe Pot

I don't think it is part of the aloe. Looks like a weed.

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