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I just got 3 aloe leafs and a roots ( like a little piece not the whole stem ) in the mail. When I open it up they were soggy and dark green and droopy :roll: so I listen to google and put it in a pot with a hole at the bottom; I use like cactus soil btw . I'm new to this so I don't know if I should damp the soil or wait a few days after attempting to regrow the plant.

Thanks so much :-()

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Welcome to the forum. Pics would help. If the plants were soggy I would have contacted the provider and demanded a refund. Aloe should not be soggy. There is little root system. The "leaves" should be bright and firm. NEVER soggy. You were ripped off.

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When was it mailed? With the cold weather we've been having I'd say the plants were frozen in transit.

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