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Succulent Help!


My cousin gave me some cuttings from his succulent plants about a month ago. I put them in cactus soil from the hardware store and other than during transplanting I've barely watered them about once a week.

Am I doing something wrong? The leaves are curled inward if you can't tell from the photo. I keep reading online and some way too much water others say not enough.

Any guidance would be much appreciated!



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Re: Succulent Help!

Were they fresh cuttings? Did you callous them off first?
they look like they are drying.
Either not enough water or it is not making roots yet.
I think after a month they should have started to root. It would not be unusual for the old leaves to wither. Is there firm growth in the middle? If there is then, maybe it just needs more time. I would not put the plant in direct sun for now since it would lose water faster and until the roots are established it has to live off the leaves. Once the new growth starts then move it to more sun. ... succulents
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