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Possible to Remove Succulent Glued to Wine Cork?

Hey all, I've got a question that relates to this... I was gifted 2 very small succulents that are hot glued on top of corks. The corks are not hollowed out and the succulents are growing roots upwards in between the leaves. Any idea how to separate the plants without damaging them? I might just have to let them grow longer and then decapitate them...

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Re: Possible to Remove Succulent Glued to Wine Cork?

Oh, those poor plants! I wish I had a definite answer, but I've never heard of this before. I quickly googled cork, and it is biodegradable! If it were me, I would plant the whole thing into a pot with some good soil. They make succulent potting soil that is sandier for good drainage. Try to gently pull the roots down into their natural position and bury the cork, glue, roots and all. Try to maintain the original soil level where it would be if the cork were not there. Once the plant is in the hole and the roots are buried, tap the plant on a table to make sure the soil comes into contact with the roots, and water it in really well. Make sure it has good drainage, succulents like to dry out in between waterings. Do not use a pot with no drainage holes! The cork will disappear, but the glue will not. I don't think much can be done about that, though.

This is just an idea, I have never tried anything like this before. If I owned these plants, that is what I would try. Good luck!

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Re: Possible to Remove Succulent Glued to Wine Cork?

As a fly fisher and wine drinker I can tell you ,cork may biodegrade but ,it takes a very very long time ..
As to saving the plant ,cut away as much cork as possible and follow Amandas advice.

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Re: Possible to Remove Succulent Glued to Wine Cork?

Depends on the succulent you have. If the plants are ok, the cork is only being used for support. It won't hurt it. People like roots to be nicely in a pot, plants really like their roots to hang out. Some succulents and epiphytes don't really need dirt, they just need something to hold onto. They can get most of their water through their leaves and their roots are very good at capturing moisture from the air. Most of them don't even need or want a lot of fertilizer.
So what kind of succulent do you have? If it is an epiphyte, mount it on a tree or post. You could even put it in an orchid basket. It will be much happier than in a pot. You can water them everyday that way and as long as they have a chance to dry out, they won't rot.

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