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Cacti - Grafted Moon Cactus


I have had this cactus for a little over a year, and about a month ago the red top of my moon cactus started rotting and so I cut it off. Now the top grew back and the plant seems to be doing well. However, I took it out of the soil and the bottom of the cactus is, for lack of a better word, membranous. Though upon looking inside, it shot off a new root! So I was wondering what steps I should take to ensure proper care.

I also had noticed some larvae wriggling around inside of the bottom portion (I rinsed them away before I thought to take a picture). They were very small, perhaps maybe a millimeter in length and a light green color that resembled the bottom of the cactus. So, I was wondering if those (from what little description I have given) were harmful to the plant and if so, ideas on getting rid of them.

Sorry for the long paragraph, but please let me know your imput and how to go about giving proper care.

Thank you!

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