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Can anyone identify?

Hello everyone, so I have gotten really into all the exotic succulent plants and how neat they look, not to mention I have reptile vivs I would eventually love to plant some in.
So I came across the beautiful pictures of "rare beauty succulents" and "mixed rare succulents" (I'll try to post pics when I figure out how).
So my first question is:
When will I see seeds starting to progress? Like any litlle roots or anything. I know succulents are very slow growing but I have never seen any kind of seed/seedling time frame. Just curious if there's any kind of idea.
2nd question:
Will coco choir be a bad medium? I know it retains water but it CAN also dries very quickly too.
3rd question:
Sun or no sun for seeds? Do they just need warmer temps or actually sun?
4th question:
Like most all seeds, do the succulents need the trapped humidity inside the windowsill greenhouse dome I'm using?
If I'm making a bunch of ametuer mistakes I invite all to correct me. Lol.
Thank you for all who give some advice. I really appreciate it.
Rare beauty succulents mix(can anyone identify anything?)
Rare beauty succulents mix(can anyone identify anything?)

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