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Aaargh... my cactae are screwed... help?

I'm currently away from home so I can't get any pictures. I made the moronic mistake of leaving my collection in my greenhouse up until today. Due to college taking up a lot of my time I have just been a bit neglectful of them. I went out there today to find a crassula that was gooey and falling apart, my aloe with black spots on, and others that don't exactly look too great. They are indoors now and will post pictures when I can.

Any tips to reduce fatalities?

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I do not know if you can revive them. Sounds like you need to add some heat to your greenhouse. Depending upon your climate it may just be some seedling/reptile heating mats with a thermostatic controller or perhaps just a plug in timer -or- it could be something more elaborate like an electric or gas heater. I bought a propane RV heater for my greenhouse. I keep it set as low as the thermostat goes. In my case it comes on at about 42*. Good luck to you.

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You didn't tell us where you are. it always helps to tell us where you are located. There are hardly any garden questions that can be discussed without regard to location/ climate.

Lots of aloes will survive temps down close to freezing and many crassulas are frost tolerant. So depending on where you are, maybe you just need to get them out of the greenhouse, which is likely too much humidity for them.

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Sounds more like they got cooked instead of frozen. If they weren't used to being in the sun and the greenhouse got too hot they would have been overheated and "cooked". Only time will tell if they survive or not. Simple solution is to not leave them in the greenhouse. Sorry that it's too little too late. Best solution is to keep them under lights indoors and on a timer while you are busy with your studies. That takes the worry and thought out of the situation.

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