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pleiospilos nelii {split rock} turned to mush

Hi everyone! I had 3 pleiospilos nelii in one pot but two died. The base just turned to mush but the roots were dry and I havent been watering them since Manila weather has been pretty humid. Rains in the afternoon and is sunny and warm during the morning. These were flown in from the UK as a gift and it saddens me that only one is surviving. I wonder what would be the cause of the plant turning to mush when it has not been watered at all for a month. I read somewhere that I should not water them until they wrinkle a little bit? Is this correct? Should I water them? It gets direct sunlight by my window every morning. Should I start taking them outside to get more sun? Thanks in advance for the tips!
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Re: pleiospilos nelii turned to mush

They are a hard plants to keep alive. It could be not enough fresh air, they like good air circulation.

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Re: pleiospilos nelii turned to mush

Did you put them in direct sun right after opening and taking them out of the package? Its possible they needed to be protected from the sun at first. I have so much trouble with succulents when the season changes and the sun gets hotter than what they are used to. ...could it be that this surviving one was less exposed to the sun?

These are so intriguing -- I keep wanting to get them but haven't ventured to yet.
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Re: pleiospilos nelii {split rock} turned to mush

They are hard to keep alive. When the new leaves are coming out (splitting) they are not watered at all. It will be about 3 months without water but they need to be out in the sun. After that they are only watered sparingly, about once or twice a week at most and if you are being picky, you will dry off the top with a towel. T
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