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My cactus needs help!!!

I have a coral cactus I've had for a while and its starting to die?? please someone tell me what I can do to save it and what's wrong with it :( It's mushy in the middle. But green and healthy at the bottom.
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Re: My cactus needs help!!!

I'm pretty sure that's a grafted cactus, just like the moon cactus is. I've read that after awhile, the top, colorful part of the moon cactus will die and fall off, leaving just the base cactus to grow. I can't be certain this is the case with yours, but it does seem that way to me at least. Especially if it's just the coral part going mushy. So sorry :(

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Re: My cactus needs help!!!

It is a graft - but all is not necessarily lost. If you can cut out the rot, leaving sound flesh, it could recover. Dust the cut surfaces with cinnamon powder, a natural antiseptic.
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