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Root appears to have fallen off of hawthoria truncata

I have made a terrible mistake with this plant. It was purchased for me without my knowledge at a local succulent show, and it seemed healthy. It was growing well, but towards the end of summer it was looking a little peaky. I looked up some info, and decided to repot. I placed it in a pot with succulent soil and stones to use as ground cover, along with drainage holes in the bottom of the pot and some pebbles at the bottom to encourage proper drainage. I moved shortly after. I placed the plant in a south facing window, blocking the worst of the light with other, more light tolerant plants. However, I accidentally tugged on the plant and the whole plant just came up. I'm unfamiliar with succulent biology, but there does not appear to be any root system. the plant is holding itself together, but not by much. Right now I have it placed on top of some damp soil in it's original pot. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

https://i.imgur.com/r5fvZxv.jpg This is it sitting on top of the soil. I think the little white tubers may be roots.

https://i.imgur.com/QYs8lAW.jpg This is what the bottom looks like.

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Re: Root appears to have fallen off of hawthoria truncata

It clearly has some root system, though not a lot. It probably came that way - it was a cutting/division from a parent plant that was cut loose, plopped in a pot and sold. You may or may not be able to save it. Keep your potting mix a bit damper than you ordinarily would. But drainage is still important. It may have lost roots from root rot, but the remaining ones look healthy enough. Maybe put a humidity dome over it (I use a 2 liter pop bottle with the bottom cut off), to keep it from losing too much water from the leaves until it is better rooted.
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Re: Root appears to have fallen off of hawthoria truncata

Succulants have very little root system. They can survive being cut and left in a sun. They just do not like to much water and bad drainage. I think your plant is fine.

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Re: Root appears to have fallen off of hawthoria truncata

I wouldn't use a humidity dome or anything like that either. Sometimes humidity and succulents don't mix well.

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