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Cactus with a white film

Let me start with letting you know I have had my cactus for over 20 years,so you know how important it is to me .. I live in Staten Island, N.Y. and we have had some very windy days and my cactus fell and the pot broke so I had to re plant it and the pot was a little smaller I used water to help remove some of the soil and placed it into the pot. It seems to have a white film on it now and I hope it is nothing serious... Some pieces broke off and I replanted them hopefully to grow. can someone let me know if all is going to be ok I will post pictures a little later Thanks for your time!!!! Peace Maria

I put some pictures of my other cactus that I have had for many years

These are all from 2 cactus that I have had

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Re: Cactus with a white film

I know that some cactus show white sap that comes out when the skin is cut, so that is normal. Also, let any fresh cut pieces dry for like two weeks before you plant them, or they will rot. Good luck to you.

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