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help identifying this huge echeveria!

at least, I think its an echevereria. I usually don't buy plants from home depot\lowes but I had never seen anything like this at my local nursery! its about 8" in diameter and has smoth, waxy leaves that turn a deep redish purple as they mature. I'm just wondering if someone could point out what specific type of echeveria, or whatever it is.

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Re: help identifying this huge echeveria!

Hi, I have a book about succulents by Debra Baldwin, and it says that there are literally hundreds of varieties of these ruffled echeverias. They are hybrids, and every year there are many new ones that are invented. Even the experts have problems telling them apart!! I have a bunch of these. This is a fantastic plant, it will grow just about anywhere in my yard, with a little sun protection (zone 10a). They tend to get long spindly trunks on them, and if you don't like that look you can cut the head off of it, stick the head in the ground, and a new head will grow from the trunk, leaving you with two nice plants.

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