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My Aloe Vera Cactus is dying! I think?!?!

I've had my aloe cactus for about 6 months. I give it water, food, and proper light. It's bright green and from a distance looks pretty healthy. At a closer glance, however, you start to notice that it's falling apart at the roots. Should I repot it? I'm afraid that if I do that, the whole thing will fall apart. It's looking a bit skimpy now and I feel so bad. This is my first houseplant and I'm killing it! Maybe I'm using the wrong soil or not giving it enough sun light? I have no idea. Please help!

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Re: My Aloe Vera Cactus is dying! I think?!?!

You're not killing it, just repot with cactus mix. If you want, just separate each plant and give them their own pot. If you're doing that, support the aloes falling down with a stick.:D
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Re: My Aloe Vera Cactus is dying! I think?!?!

katrinarndl, aloes and cacti are not the same thing. These links explain more https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aloe and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cactus

It looks like you have an aloe, but, not an Aloe Vera.

Your plant has a lot of dead leaves (the beige ones). When they are that colour, they are dead and can't be revived. If you leave them attached, the rest of the plant can quickly become the same and therefore die completely. You need to peel off every dead leaf and throw them away. You should not leave any parts attached to the plant. Doing that, should at least slow down the decay, if not stop it completely.

The next step would be to sort out the water, food, light and soil. You should use dry, coarse soil for plants like this. It is possible to buy ready-made soils for cacti and other succulent plants. They are good. You could also prepare soil, yourself. The plant needs a lot of sunlight and if you feed it, you should use a dedicated fertiliser for cacti and other succulent plants. Watering should be only be occasional but, when it happens, it should be enough so that water runs out the bottom of the plant pot.

If your plant continues to deteriorate, you could try taking cuttings and growing them separately. It works.

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Re: My Aloe Vera Cactus is dying! I think?!?!

Thank you so much, Rose Bloom and Sweyn. The one plant completely withered away but I was able to rescue the rest and repot it. I am planning on making my own soil with sand, gravel, and soil so until then.. Thank you again (:

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Re: My Aloe Vera Cactus is dying! I think?!?!

The mother plant was probably at the end of her span and the pups were there to replace her.
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Re: My Aloe Vera Cactus is dying! I think?!?!

Katrinarndl - cut off the dead foliage. Divide and pot separately. When kept indoors your aloe needs very bright sun and infrequent watering. Don't leave the pot in a pot saucer with water. I never fertilize my succulents. If you do feel you need to fertilize do so only once in the spring with a high nitrogen, water soluble fertilizer. Whatever the fertilizer to water ratio use only 1/4 the recommended amount of fertilizer.

Good luck
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