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Saving rotting Aloe Vera Plants

So I went to Lowes today and bought this pavenment sand to eventually mix. I hope this is okay since its slightly coarse and hopefully doesn't have salt. ... facetInfo=
Edit: I read that paver sand is the worst so is this sand okay? ... facetInfo=
Home depot has more description and says "Quikrete 50 lb. All-Purpose Sand features a washed coarse sand that can be used as underlayment for brick pavers and flagstone"
and for the 70lb bag it says "This sand is perfect for landscaping, gardening and patio projects."
Should I also buy this? ... &cId=PDIO1
Unfortuantely my aloe vera plants are already near dying because they are rotting.
So I uprooted them to get a good look and tried to cut away the rot, did I do a good enough job?
There's one of them with roots that are brown, but seeing as how it is the only one with roots I didn't want to cut them off.
Also Can I some of these as cuttings?

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I use masonry sand to ammend my soil as needed. I just wash it before using to get rid of salt or whatever. I grow those giant aloe plants that take no effort. I just throw them down on this sandy loam Georgia soil and they grow. They grow too well. To get much better help than I can give, you can add your location and soil type. It makes a world of difference. :)

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