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Jade plant tiny black and white bugs


I recently went to water my Jade & when I did, I saw tiny bugs on the top. Sort of flea like and appear to jump. I've googled loads and come up with springtails which really seem the only possible one I could have given the nature of how they move around. (I've heard they're harmless too). A few leaves came off so I rooted them again in the pot just to see what would happen (as I've done this before and had new Jade's appear) but they died too. I thought the bugs could be killing the plant but the babies in the pot seem to be growing at a good rate (for this time of year anyway). I've tried to get a picture but it's near impossible to get them to keep still and due to their tiny size it's pointless.

ANY help will be greatly appreciated. This was a gift and I've had it for quite a while so will be a shame to throw it out. (And I'm not used to repotting so I'm scared to)

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When you said you saw them "on top" -- did you mean top of the soil or top of the plant on the leaves?

If white tiny and on soil, then they are likely springtails, and their presence indicate excess moisture in the soil. So that would explain the jade losing leaves from getting waterlogged and root rot.

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